Compliments every woman needs when going to a special occasion

A lot of women love accessories so much. They believe that their dressing is not complete without them. A stunning shoe, a nice-looking pair of heels, bright-colored earrings, etc. look good on any woman, but also provide a euphoric feeling that you cannot describe. Here are some of the complements every woman needs when going to a special occasion.

Leather handbags and jewelry

Leather handbags never fail to make a good impression. They are essential accessories that everyone must-have. Besides that they carry everyday items, they complete the personality of the person carrying them. For special occasions, it is advised that ladies invest in high-quality clutches. They come in various stunning styles; simple styles, bold statements, etc. Play with colors and go for a style that pairs well with your jewelry pieces. Another accessory that adorns women is jewelry. Jewelry is to a woman as frost is to a cake. Only a few women do not use jewelry, but for the rest who do, no outfit is complete without it. The best bet for you when it comes to jewelry is to go for minimal and versatile designs that you can mix with different outfits. If you are going to work, simple studs and delicate rings will do. But if you want to make a statement at an occasion, big hoop earrings, chunky gold jewelry, etc. will do. You can also use some statement pieces because they make an outfit come alive. If you want to buy jewelry, you can read about Sienne and other companies that sell jewelry on Collected Reviews to know which jewelry other users will recommend and where to buy them.

Belts and hats

Belts are very versatile, you can style them in many ways. You can wear a belt to contrast your outfit or to add shape to your physique. High-quality belts such as leather belts are classic and timeless. You can wear them with pretty everything. You can choose from different buckles and widths to go with. However, if you are fashion-forward, you can wear something more practical and trendy. Hats are other accessories that are not only for sun protection. They are elegant and attractive. Whether it is simple or a head-turner, they look great and can even save you during bad hair days and make you more confident. You can pair them with almost any outfit, as long as you know how to do so.

Sunglasses and watch

Sultry and stunning sunglasses are major highlights of the accessories every lady must wear to a special occasion. They not only protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, they also keep your facial skin wrinkle-free. It is advised you invest in classic sunglasses. If you are a fashionista, you need to consider the type of sunglasses that suits you. Also, watches are beautiful accessories. They are practical and useful yet fashionable as they can be used to enhance the structure of the wrist. If you are not given to jewelry, but you want to have your statement accessory, go for a stunning watch. You can get some metal bracelets with your watch to take things up a notch.

Silk scarf and shapewear

A silk scarf in an accessory that is undervalued. It has been for a long time ago and most people still wear it. it is stylish, chic, and life-giving. You can wear it as a head wrap, a bandana, or tie it around your handbag. If you want to feel confident, shapewear is the thing for you. it is an improved version of lingerie. Studies show that shapewear is made from innovative fabrics and can be worn when working out, working around the house, running errands, etc, just ensure that you get shape wear whose color suits your skin tone as well.

Hair accessories and shoes

Hair clips, old studded pins, stunning hair bonds, etc can almost find everywhere now. They make hair look good despite its bad days and are best for someone who does not do mind the hair accessories. Another accessory is shoes. You can decide not to use everything else but not shoes. The right pair of shoes give you a high level of confidence. Shoes are the finishing piece of the fashion puzzle. You need to get some versatile shoes such as boots, heeled sandals, sneakers, stilettos, etc. You do not have to be a shoe hoarder, knowing how to combine shoes with various outfits will do.

A healthy and glowing skin

Beyond all the fashion accessories, it is paramount that every woman has healthy and glowing skin to highlight her fashion style. A skin stained with all types of blemishes, except in serious health conditions or accidents like fire, hot oil, etc., will not be as beautiful even in the most expensive clothes and jewelry. You must strive to invest in skincare as much as you invest in other accessories. Eat the right foods and use the right products for your skin. Quick fixes will not help you in the long run, so you must learn to avoid them. If you have any chronic skin condition, a dermatologist is the best person to see. Stay away from skincare brands that are neither licensed nor reliable.


This is the most important of all the accessories a woman should have. If you have all the fashion accessories in the world but with no self-confidence, you will be as bare as someone with no accessories. There is nothing as reassuring and beautiful as a woman who is confident and her fashion style and walking gait shows it. Self-confidence helps you to stand out wherever you are; it gives you the boldness to rise to the occasion and do the needful. Everything falls into place when you are confident in who you are. If confidence does not naturally come to you, you can train yourself to be. Appreciate yourself and love your body, no matter what you think is wrong with it. Work towards the body you want, but dress for the body you have. Be at peace with yourself and know that you matter. Be your number one cheerleader no matter what.

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